The New Love

Hark! For the lady of the heaven herself descends unto my heart, shatters my divinity and holds bare the far reaches of my soul,
O! How I rise from my slumber and submit to her whole;
Behold love’s old ways, for when she clouds my eyes, my mouth of her beauty sings praise,
Where to, must I lead for she frees me from my confines; dazzled by her beauty, I wonder, must this be the creation He could boast of, whose hands are but tied!

O love, the strands of fornication substituted, of Spenser’s and of Petrarch’s, for you now reign over my heart;
You-who sublime on earth, shining brighter than the false skies, make the heavenly Gods jealous:
Slap me out of all my wits, fly me high to reach the skies, do as your will deems fit; run in my blood, the new found cells, force my veins to burst, the heart to swell;
Burn me down into ashes, and like a phoenix make me rise! For your-self manifest in me, the hardest beauty, I prize!

Together, we create a new offspring of love, not condemned to the love’s old fetters!
Think not twice, for now I to you like a servant submit, you’re but the queen of my heart, my soul, passions and all my wits!

O, how now I toil, plunder my strengths, and like a beast run wild, to attain on your lips, that smile, so beautifully fine,
And in the pursuit of your heart, which guards all your fears and follies, I shall eternally repine.

Alas, the path alighted by your eyes, on which I so fondly walk, leads but to nowhere, for your doors remain closed;
Will you to me ever yield, for how can the queen dry away from her seas and embrace fully the servile shore?

Written by: Priyansh Saxena


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